Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review: Alkaline Trio - This Addiction

In the spirit of reviewing new music, I was going to review Yeasayer's Odd Blood.  Then I remembered something I hate: clone websites.  These sites cover the same records and break the same news, but because they have different URLs and sometimes contradict Pitchfork, they're allowed to exist.   I'm happy to get news on indie records I'll never listen to from Pitchfork.  

I used to run a Pitchfork clone.  Just scroll through my archives.  I saw that something was wrong and started writing about other bands.  My favorite band is Alkaline Trio.  Here's how Pitchfork feels about them.  My Alkaline Trio tag reveals that I write about them a lot.  My favorite music websites cover the Trio a lot.  Hence, my favorite music website is my own.

I flamed Agony & Irony because it blows.  I expected This Addiction to blow too, but I've been pleasantly surprised.  Matt used to be pretty serious about horrorpunk.  He's less serious about it now.  See: "Draculina."  "Dead on the Floor" is reminiscent of "Fuck You Aurora" in tempo and structure.  The title track is too cookie-cutter to be truly great, but it's catchy so who really cares?

They had to throw a curveball our way, and they did it by sticking trumpet on "Lead Poisoning."  In "Eating Me Alive," the melody comes from synthesizer reminiscent of the one used in the Heavens side project.  I like both songs so something must be right.

Don't get me wrong, This Addiction is no Goddamnit, but how could it be?  That's my favorite record.  Sometimes, though, it's important to stop sifting through the countless flash-in-the-pan indie and punk hype bands to get back to your roots.  A Matt Skiba melody is what it is, and his songs are refreshing to hear when you've just sat through "Rome" and "Mondegreen" by Yeasayer. 

PS - Compare the cover to GUTG's We're Down.  Whoa.

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lmop said...

thank you for the reminder about roots pat. liked this.