Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Steve Wilkos Show: Boom or Bust?

Steve Wilkos was well-known before he got his own show. He handled rowdy guests on The Jerry Springer Show as the head of security. Known for his great stature, baldness, and intimidating presence, it was only natural that he would host his own show.

The Steve Wilkos Show takes itself very seriously, which throws me off as a viewer because the guests are over-the-top; their problems are real, bizarre, and nothing like you could imagine in your own life.

The thrill of The Steve Wilkos Show is (no wonder) Steve. He is a firm believer in ‘tough love.’ He spends much of the show getting in the faces of the guests, throwing chairs across the stage, and swearing. His demeanor separates the show from the countless imitators in the genre. Watching the show is like watching a fight about to happen, except for an hour.

The Steve Wilkos Show is not meaningful television. It is a guilty pleasure. Is it a boom or a bust, though? The answer is easy: it is a boom. Put aside your prejudices for education television for an hour and allow yourself to indulge. The Steve Wilkos Show is unusual enough to warrant tuning in, but familiar enough to become a mainstay of daytime television.

Verdict: Boom. A must see.

Photo taken from Steve Wilkos Show Myspace

Monday, February 25, 2008

The sun child speaks

Hello friends!

Welcome to my blog. I intend to use this space to tell everyone how I feel about new (and old) music, make recommendations, and hawk my creative writing. I am going to sift through the best indie, hardcore, punk, hip-hop, and jazz releases for people with eclectic interests. I hope that I can devote more time and energy to the entries in this blog so I can keep my LJ casual.

Feel free to disagree with me at anytime. I will not host files for download, but you can always message me at Panther1215 to see if we can strike an arrangement.

Love, Pat