Friday, July 30, 2010

Vinyl news #8

I'm feeling pretty good about August. Tomorrow, Cap'n Jazz is playing Wicker Park Fest. On Monday, I embark on a week-long trip to New York City (NYC). The road trip stops for an evening in Columbus, Ohio to see The National. In case you're uninformed, The National is just about the best band out there. They're doing the High Violet victory lap right now, and they totally deserve it.  It's ironic that we're seeing them in Ohio because they live in the NYC neighborhood we're trippin' to (Williamsburg, Brooklyn). Insert Bloodbuzz Ohio joke here.

For a lot of people, The National's discography starts with Alligator, and that's fine. Gator is their first really good record. But some die hard fans might be all like: oh no sir, I must say you're wrong. Enter Brassland. They released The National's first two LPs: The National and Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers. While good records, they don't really capture what makes The National so great. Pretty glad they dropped the twang from the debut and tightened everything up for Alligator

The best songs (IMO): The Perfect Song, Theory of the Crows, Fashion Coat, Lucky You.

Vinyl completists will be happy to know Brassland reissued their first two records on pretty colored vinyl with posters and matte jackets and digital download codes. /500. Or on black.

And here's the link. Act quickly because colored vinyl is running out. I got that fa'sho.