Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pat's dos and don'ts of Pitchfork Fest 2k9

Last year, I gave you some advice about how to spend your precious weekends in Chicago. This year, I have constructed a tidy list of dos and don't s to help make P4K extra special!

DO - See the National. They haven't put out a record in a long time, but this new video of a new song suggests that their new record will be more of the same. IOW, awesome.

DON'T - Wear jeans, long sleeves, carry an unnecessary umbrella, or act like the Coachella Wizard.

DO - See Fucked Up. The put out a good record last year, and they rule live!

DON'T - Forget to drink water. Especially whilst under the influence of magical mushrooms.

DO - See Mew. Their record Frengers is seriously awesome. Here's an example. They will most likely kill it, as opposed to...

DON'T - See Japandroids or The Very Best when you could be watching the Thermals. You should probably skip The Walkmen, The Black Lips, Beirut, and basically every other band in order to watch the Flaming Lips, M83, and Vivian Girls. But wait, you're saying, doesn't Vivian Girls sound a lot like some of the aforementioned bands? Yes, they do, but this is my blog, and if you want to write about one of the other thousand garage revival bands out there, be my guest.

DO - Go to the first day. Obviously, it's going to be sweet.

Lollapalooza looks pretty dumb. Won't be going. It sucks to miss The Beastie Boys. How bad are Silversun Pickups and Thievery Corporation? Enough. Have fun.

P4k - July 17-19, Union Park, not a whole lot of money
Lolla - August 7-9, Grant Park, a whole lot of money