Saturday, August 30, 2008

Review: Jay Reatard - Blood Visions

Being back in school means I have a lot more time to waste in front of the computer screen, and the blogging inevitably follows. My newest installment is a review of a record that is two years old and everyone loves already.

Blood Visions by Jay Reatard is a cool punk album that grew on me. Not in the sense that it sucked at first and I had to love it to have more scenester credibility. No, I liked it immediately, but now it sounds even better.

Jay and co. were great at Pitchfork. You might have read about it a month ago. Everyone got wet for Fleet Foxes, and that’s fine, but I’d take Jay over them. It doesn’t make sense to compare the bands, so I won’t anymore. Jay Reatard plays garage punk, and blah, blah, I’m sure you know that there’s a pop element to these songs too. “If you listen close enough, you hear the Beach Boys.” Not true at all, and whoever says that is dumb, but go ahead and get this record if you like punk and Guided by Voices. My favorite songs are “My Shadow”, “Not a Substitute”, and “We Who Wait.”

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Random Candy

We posted three songs from our forthcoming EP, "Is Your Blood Alive?" Check them out!