Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cat Plaza #1 - p. 3

Presented in color for the first time ever!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cat Plaza #1 Scans

In August 2009, I put out issue 1 of Cat Plaza. It cost me $4 to print, and I sold all 30 issues. 12 photocopied pages- never reproduced on the internet until now. Now let me take a trip down memory lane.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Songs from 2010 - Part 1 - Laredo

Cat Plaza #4 dropped next week, and like in every issue, there is a playlist and a couple of articles about music. While you should buy that and make my taste yours, you should also open up to my stuffing more music opinions down your throat. Now she's claiming that I bruised her esophagus.

Year-end lists are great. The best record is never the one at the top, and so much slips through the cracks, but they're fun. You like em, I like em. I'll post some 2010-songs I like in the upcoming months.

Band of Horses is a great band. So smooth and pleasing. Their new record didn't generate the hype that their earlier stuff did, and that's a shame because it's good. 

On "The Funeral," their most-played jam, they sang about some lofty stuff that was important I think. The lyrics to "Laredo" are better, and my favorite line from 2010 that wasn't written by Kanye West can be found in it. "I put a bullet in my Kia Lorenzo." Such a perfect real-life detail crossed with a bullet thing that probably didn't happen. Nobody else is singing about Kias, and every musician's gotta drive one before they make it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cat Plaza #4

The fourth issue of my critically and commercially successful zine, Cat Plaza, is out. It's a monster: 40 pages and 5 contributors. Pieces on David Foster Wallace, McDonald's, The National, Antoine Dodson, and more. Stories up the wazoo. Carl Franzen, Ferrari Nardoni, Alex Bahler, and JAWs. There are 23 copies, and since one of them is mine, you need to be one of the 22 to get yours.

I miss my old printer Ralph. I swear, he was the only professional in Dupage County. Where this is going is that I'm charging 5 dollars (hand delivered) and 6 dollars (mailed anywhere in the United States) per zine. I get a stomachache just thinking about the price and what it'll do to sales/ your pockets, but that's what I need to do to break anywhere close to even.

Each zine comes with a handmade bookmark. Each bookmark is unique. They're cool; I worked hard on them.
Don't forget that you too can publish with Cat Plaza industries. Please e-mail me: Expect back issues scanned and uploaded soon. Thanks!