Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This year in songs: part 1 - Vivian Girls

I am not going to list or rank my favorite songs of 2008. Instead, I'll post youtube videos of them for your viewing enjoyment and talk about why I like them so much.

The first song comes to you from Vivian Girls, a New York girl-group with surf, punk, and shoegaze influences (if you haven't heard of them by now, you're under-a-rock-lifestyle has got to change). The LP has grown on me, and it's one of my favorites from the year. My favorite song from the record is still the first one I heard, "Tell the World." It starts with some jangly guitars, and then jumps into something you'd expect from a blender mixing The Rivieras with the Crystals and even Fucked Up.


Stephen said...

I can't get enough of that Vivian Girls record. I still think my favorite song is "I believe in Nothing." They resemble the band CUB from Vancouver so much. I love it.

thesunchild said...

It only took me 2-3 listens to get fully warmed up to it, and then I started to love it, too. Thanks for checking my site out, your blog's great. That Chameleons record is one of my favorites, and I didn't know there were other Sunday's Best fans out there.

Stephen said...

Thanks a lot man. Your blog is really good too. I'm glad to hear you're into Sunday's Best. That band is so good and under appreciated.