Friday, October 2, 2009

Did you hear? Expired Youth - Demo

When Expired Youth broke up on April 17, 2007 (I'm looking at the last show shirt now, actually), it seemed like everyone who liked hardcore even a little bit came out. Such a fun time, but it ranks as my second-favorite time seeing them. The first was when they played Depaul with the Killer and some touring bands. They had the old lineup, considerably fewer fans, and a kickass demo.

And a good demo is really all a band needs to succeed at first. EY released a 7-inch on Think Fast! records, but I prefer the demo. Maybe it was a time-and-place thing, but that demo spent an entire winter in my car stereo. I can't remember the last time such a young band made that kind of impression on me.

Get it here!

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