Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bad Movie Society - Raptor Island

In Raptor Island, Hack (Lorenzo Lamas), Jamie (Hayley Dumond), and comrades get marooned on an island that didn't get the memo about the dinosaurs being extinct. Alas, there are raptors all over it, not to mention their arch-nemesis Azir (Steven Bauer). Their goal, somehow, becomes destroying the raptors by way of explosives. Why not hide in the airplane fusilage until rescue arrives? Good question!

I expected the bad CGI. When Hack shoots raptors, I was reminded of my favorite 90s arcade game. They were ugly and unrealistic. I did not expect the dreadfully long, paint-peeling boringness of Hack and Jamie's conversations. Jesus Christ, go into the minutiae of your pasts why don't you? Didn't ask for that!

Overall, I don't recommend Raptor Island. If you need a taste, watch the first 20 minutes. You'll see the raptors, you'll get a feel for the dialogue, and the characters don't change at all so you don't have to worry about a dynamic ending. How Sci-fi felt this movie acceptable for their channel is a mystery to me. Must be why I don't get it anymore.

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