Sunday, January 10, 2010

Did you hear? Saves the Day - Lisa's Birthday Tape

When I first got into Saves the Day, finding Lisa's Birthday Tape was difficult.  I probably tracked it down on Soulseek or through their old message board.  Now that the internet is more powerful, I can offer it to you so that you can listen to it and love it like I do.  There is a backstory to this tape that I've long since forgotten, and so I'll only comment on the music.  On this tape, we have Chris Conley performing five lo-fi acoustic tracks.  You'll like them if you like I'm Sorry I'm Leaving.  If you don't like I'm Sorry I'm Leaving, you're worthless.  Seriously, these could be some of the only songs from the Through Being Cool era you haven't heard.  Get on it.

Get it here!


Colin Bayer said...

the back story is that chris couldn't make it to lisa's birthday party, so he made her a tape. he had flaked out.
lisa lived at EVR at the time.

i have one of the two copies of the tape, and ripped it originally.

Pat said...

That's right! I don't know how the tape came to you, but thanks for the rip.

Colin Bayer said...

it came to me via lisa herself- she was my girlfriend for many years.

T-Fizz said...

Wow. That's cool to finally know the backstory. And evidence of the power of the internet.