Monday, November 15, 2010

Cat Plaza #2 - p. 2

Dear Readers,

I'm having a crisis. I look at my Blogspot, my old friend, and I just think meh. All my cool readers are on Tumblr. They get to Tumbl all this cool stuff, and I don't think they can Tumbl their favorite Cat Plaza pages. Should I grab at relevance by joining Tumblr, or should I hold my ground and face the day at Blogspot. Decisions, decisions.



lmop said...

i tried to hold down the fort at virb, for the cutting edge, then the novelty, but then the times changed, and i had to let go. if you feel like holding on here, do it. this place is for writers; tumblr is child's play, specifically for child media whores. now back to where i belong.

Pat said...

Just wanna go back to the days when everything made sense.