Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Songs from 2011 - Part 7 - Blue Eyes

Destroyer's new album, Kaputt, seemed destined to garner hype for a week and then disappear. A record with its quirks (corny saxophone, corny keys, corny everything) should not be enduring. Too many bands recycle 80s tropes, but we don't include Dan Bejar in that conversation because he's motherfucking Destroyer, and he's been on his game for like two decades. For me and for a lot of the internet with year-end lists, Kaputt was durable and worthy of revisiting. "Blue Eyes," with its quick start, sultry female backing vocalists, and laid-back groove stood out to me, but I wouldn't blame you if you prefer "Chinatown," "Savage Night," or "Poor In Love." Don't be ashamed or disgusted with yourselves.

Unfortunate end-note: Kaputt didn't work live for me at p4k.




miles said...

song/album is perfect. shame it wasn't as good live. missing destroyer was my only regret about not doing pitchfork this summer.

Pat said...

To his credit, the crowd around me was wildly ambivalent, if not antagonistic, and that was very distracting.

Chris said...

Weirdly, "Suicide Demo..." is my favorite cut from this album. I was afraid it would be an '80s yawnfest, but the clever lyrics and creative production saved it.