Friday, May 9, 2008


I have compiled a playlist of songs with 0 plays on Itunes, shuffled them, and I will now review some in real time.

1. Link 80 - "Nothing New" Link 80 was one of my favorite bands around seventh grade, and this was my favorite song on The Struggle Continues. The horn melody is undeniable, and the verses rule too. I could do without the chorus, and the lyrics are kind of ridiculous, but those are minor complaints. I can't believe I haven't listened to this yet, it's probably been more than two or three years.

2. Dave Holland Quintet - "The Balance" I don't know much about Dave Holland except that I have a lot of his music on my computer, and I haven't listened to much of it yet. I think he's a trombone player. This song is nine minutes long so I'll write slowly. I like the vibes more than I like the soprano sax or the trombone at this point. The trombone solo became pretty interesting around 3:15, and now I'm hearing a vibes solo. Awesome, I love these. The mix is strange, but it's probably my speakers. The vibes sound too loud. Soprano sax solo. Not a great start, but I really dig the rock section around 5:40. This is the best solo from the song so far. Bass solo. This is a pretty standard solo with a good lick at 7:00. The drum solo followed by trading is a standard way to end a song. This song was good, but not great. The soprano sax solo was the highlight for me.

3. 2Pac - "Wonda Why They Call U Bitch" This should be rough. I'm not a huge 2Pac fan. His music screams nineties, and I can rarely make it through his choruses. Misogyny will probably ruin this song. The chorus sucks, as expected. The verses aren't bad. They're bouncy and fun. The beat is mediocre. I probably won't listen to this song ever again. I spent the last minute of the song taking a piss.

4. N.W.A. - "Dopeman (Remix)" Ice Cube opens with a verse, and in true remix fashion, the DJ has interfered a little. I have no idea what the original "Dopeman" sounds like. I like the chorus! Haha, funny. I believe MC Ren is doing the verse now. I don't like the way he ends his lines in this song. The rhymes are really obvious. What rhymes with snitch? Easy E's verse is the best. I don't need to hear this song ever again. I'll take "Straight Outta Compton" any day.

5. Infest - "Seen it All Before (Live)" Yes! Starts with a radio interview. They sound totally unenthusiastic. This song is fast and chaotic. That was great. Infest rules.

6. Cro-Mags - "Death Camps" This is from Best Wishes. The beginning is great. I like the drums, and the guitars sound good. The palm muting is hard. I forgot how strange the vocals sound on this record. Really echo-y. The breakdown around 1:50 is terrible for about ten seconds, and only after does it become decent. I feel like this song should be done now, but I have to wait two minutes. Probably why I prefer Age of Quarrel. Guitar solo. This song is metal. Second guitar solo. Not necessary, and he uses pretty much the same licks. Third guitar solo. The last note of the guitar solo brought me back to hair metal. This is not better than "Hard Times".

That was fun.

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Dynamite D said...

That was a good idea. I might have to try that, just for my own amusement.