Thursday, May 1, 2008

Vinyl news #1 - The Format

The Format is a rock band from Arizona. They have released two full lengths, a slew of EPs, and a live DVD. Their 2006 record, Dog Problems, is still one of my five favorite records from 2006, a year that saw releases by Saves the Day, Spitalfield, The Lawrence Arms, Fucked Up, Yo La Tengo, and Brand New. The Format sound like the Elected, Neutral Milk Hotel, and the Starting Line tossed into a blender with a better singer.

Dog Problems generated a ton of praise and hype on the internet, so it came as a shock when the band announced that they were going on indefinite hiatus earlier this year. They released some new vinyl in the webstore that you should definitely pick up. The Snails EP is a seven song gem released before Dog Problems. It has a couple original songs, including the favorite, “Janet.” I don’t know much about the “Time Bomb” single, except that it’s namesake song is pretty darn good. Merch Store


cellularbus said...

I want this shit. Does Hartley know about this? More importantly, does Joe "See the Benefits" Heckman?

thesunchild said...

Hartley knows, and I don't know if Joe reads. Beware of high shipping costs, buy Dog Problems and the Snails EP if you buy anything, or else you're not getting your money's worth.