Monday, October 13, 2008

Did you hear?: Twin Peaks OST

Twin Peaks was a television drama created by David Lynch and Mark Frost that debuted in 1990. Shortly after its premier, the United States was swept by “Peaks-Mania”. Viewers needed to know who killed Laura Palmer. It’s a great show that wanders a little bit in the second season buts end strongly. Sadly, ABC cancelled it after just two seasons and a total of 30 episodes. It is my favorite television drama ever.

Part of the reason the show was so popular and remains a cult favorite today is because of its fantastic soundtrack. Angelo Badalamenti is the composer responsible for the music of Twin Peaks. The most famous piece, “Twin Peaks Theme,” opens every episode. His graceful, mellow 90s Rhodes piano sounds only a little dated, and the climax of the song sounds as poignant today as it did 18 years ago. “Laura Palmer’s Theme” lurks in ambient shadows until 1:04, only to rise and fall back again. “Audrey’s Dance” is a throwback jazz number that has Sherilyn Fenn grooving in the CafĂ©. Have mercy.

The soundtrack also features vocals by Julee Cruse, a frequent collaborator with Lynch and Badalamenti. Her vocals are reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins, and yeah, her songs also sound a bit dated, but they still rule. The lyrics were written by Lynch, so google them for some away message fodder. I highly recommend this soundtrack.

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