Friday, January 30, 2009

Review: Keane - Perfect Symmetry

My fondest memories always have soundtracks, and the soundtrack to a lot of senior year in high school was Keane's Hopes and Fears. Not an ambitious record, Hopes and Fears won me over on its melodies, honest lyrics, and Tom's phenominal voice. I still think it's a fine record and one of the best debuts ever.

Keane released Perfect Symmetry in October 2008. The greatest of Keane fans, Jordan, told me that I should expect 80s vibes throughout. He was right. I don't like the record as much as he does, but I can't fault Keane for trying out new things. Still, my favorite songs sound like they could be on Hopes and Fears, or even the enjoyable, Under the Iron Sea. In the standout, "The Lovers are Losing," Tom belts out unusual vocal lines over Tim's anthemic chorus. Nothing really rhymes, but that makes it stand out. On Hopes and Fears, everything rhymed, fit, and sounded just right. I'm pleased that Keane takes (very small, but appreciated) risks. Other standouts are "You Don't See Me" and "Love is the End."

I don't highly recommend this, but it's good for a few spins.

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