Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Coupling: Boom or Bust?

Many hit American television shows are based on British shows. Coupling was not one of them. The American version failed to make it through one season. I didn't watch it. (Who did?) BBC's Coupling ran strong for 4 series- that's 28 episodes. Fresh off reruns of The Office (BBC) and Extras, I started watching Coupling to capitalize on my growing appreciation of British humor. To my surprise, Coupling has more in common with our Seinfeld than with anything I've seen from Britain (though, admittedly, I haven't seen a lot).

In the pilot, Susan (Sarah Alexander) and Steve (Jack Davenport) start dating. Steve's Jane's (Gina Bellman) ex, and Susan's Patrick's (Ben Miles) ex. Susan (Kate Isitt) and Jeff (Richard Coyle) kind of drift about causing chaos and trying to shag whoever. If you can't tell, Coupling is all about sex, relationships, and modern love (good Bowie song).

Everyone says it reminds them of Friends, but I disagree. For one, Coupling is funny. For two, the tangling plots and characters have more to do with Seinfeld. In one episode, Jeff explains how an invisible man can take your erections when you need them the most. Soon, everyone starts goin' limp. Never profane, Coupling owes a lot to "The Contest" episode in Seinfeld. Have you mastered your domain tonight?

Verdict: Boom! I hope the library has Series 3. Just wondering: who's the hottest?

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Dynamite D said...

Coupling rules. I watched the whole series (minus the last season where Jeff leaves) at least 3 times in High School.

I'd have to say looks wise, I'd probably go with Jane even though she's psychotic - dark hair does it for me. However, Susan's the only one with a reasonably balanced personality, so maybe she's a more realistic choice.