Friday, April 10, 2009

30 Minute Weekend Playlist (4/10/09)

The last time I did one of these things was almost a year ago, so excuse me if I'm rusty. I wanted to review a couple records, but I can always get to that later. The first track is from Dan Deacon's new record Bromst. I like this guy's music and all, but certain songs rule so much more than others and this is one of them. Sometimes his jams make me feel like I'm locked inside the playgrounds for the under-5 crowd at Six Flags. "Blank Slate" is from The Virginia Ep and I believe it's the B-side to the Mistaken for Strangers single, but whatever. That Iron & Wine song is easily one of his best; it's from the Dark Was the Night LP that I've been spinning nonstop. It's one of those songs with a familiar melody and you're all like, he must have stolen that shit. If you don't know Antony & The Johnsons by now you better get outta town. He's been tearing it up for like 4 years at least. Vijay Iyer is a young pianist that plays with Rudresh Mahanthappa (remember when I blogged about him?). If you're into angular piano-jazz with f'd-up phrasing (and who isn't?), Vijay's your man. The other songs are incidentals that will help get your weekend rolling along smoothly. Will's running the marathon in Champaign tomorrow- I hope he doesn't listen to this playlist for inspiration. He should be listening to Terror.

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