Monday, April 6, 2009

Did you hear? Tuesday - Early Summer

Dan Andriano wasn't always singing and playing bass for Alkaline Trio. But you already know that. When Slapstick disbanded, he took Matt Stamps and Rob Kellenberger and created Tuesday. Their LP Freewheelin' is an undisputed classic. It took me forever to track this EP down in the days of Soulseek, so aren't you glad there's blogsearch people? I finally bought a physical copy on Ebay a year or so ago, but it came with no artwork. Folks with deep crates- does Early Summer have an insert?

For those who don't know, there are four raging songs including my favorite jam "That's Not Like Me." The version of "So Awake" is rawer and doesn't have that awesome instrumental prelude. It's betterness is hotly debated. There's snow on the ground, but early summer is just around the corner. Celebrate it properly.

Get it here!

PS - I checked to make sure this is really OOP. I couldn't find it for sale on AMR's site, and I suspect they're one of the few vendors that would still have copies. 2000 pressed on black, many years ago.


blob bladewig said...

thank you for putting this up.
Do you have the demo they released before this? I have a copy I can put up somewhere if you'd like it.

They were a great band. I'm glad Alkaline Trio formed and got recognition, but it's sad that Tuesday had to be dropped.

thesunchild said...

I haven't heard the demo. I didn't know they even had one! Until now, I was under the impression that Tuesday just did the LP, the EP, and maybe some comp. tracks. I'd love to hear it.

Thanks for the comment!

Shot said...

I have their EP, LP and the track "everyone was in love." I have a live recording of them and they played a bunch of songs i don't know and said it was coming out soon after they fixed something in the recording. I don't think it ever did though. Glad other people enjoy Tuesday as much as me!