Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vinyl news #7 - Spitalfield

No, I didn't stop buying vinyl.  I just don't feel like it should be my responsibility to tell y'all when each and every exciting record is released.  Especially since that means more competition for me.  But since this is the underrated Spitalfield's magnum opus Remember Right Now, and since it's never been released on vinyl (thanks Victory), and since the record company (RTBR) is tiny and up-and-coming, I'll come right out and say it: you can buy Remember Right Now here.  

And I was j/k about my responsibility re: vinyl news- I've neglected my duty.  Records are a right, not a privilege.

What will you get when you place your order?  Music wise, one of the finest pop-rock/ pop-punk records of the aughts.  A record I listened to in my car non-stop after the generous A. Cor bought it for me on CD at Best Buy.  Crystal clear, expressive vocals from M. Rose, catchy music, and not just another trip down feel-sorry-for-yourself-pop-punk-lane-lyrics either.  Vinyl wise, some color variants and even test presses for sale.  Nice!

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