Saturday, April 23, 2011

Did you hear? Women

On their 2010 masterpiece, Public Strain, Calgary's Women took the best elements from their self-titled debut---the daring instrumentals, well-crafted pop songs, and thin recording---to create a cohesive and haunted record. Women's music lands in This Heat's, Bauhaus's, and Gang of Four's backyard, but it's also made its own backyard, and you know what, people compare bands to Women now. 

Here are 3 unreleased tracks. If you have more or know where to get more, comment please. I'd also like the vinyl. Sell now. 

"Service Animal" could fit on Public Strain with its swinging rhythm section and guitar interplay, but "Heat Distraction" and "Eyesore" work the formula better and were slotted instead. The psychedelic chorus calls to mind "Black Rice." The pops in "Bullfight" are great fun. My highlight is "Grey Skies." Its the story of doomed teenagers at the prom, dancing in 3/4 time, the disco ball shining its light everywhere. Sluggish, dragging, twinkling, an homage to the slow dancers, beautiful. The only reason I can think of for its cutting is that it's too much of a genre exercise, too clearly pointed at one movement and influence. "Penal Colony" and "Venice Lockjaw" achieve the same heights without the baggage. Still, "Grey Skies" is one of the most crucial b-sides I've heard. 

Women, please come back.

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