Friday, March 28, 2008

30 Minute Weekend Playlist (3/28/08)

Long time, no weekend playlist! I’m sorry about that, but I did not want to post one over spring break. Speaking of, how was everyone’s break? I picked up some crucial vinyl over the past month, including: Alkaline Trio – Goddamnit Redux (Red/black out of 500), Panda Bear – Person Pitch LP, Dykehouse – Midrange LP, Blacklisted – Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God (Clear/green out of 200, record release), The National – Alligator LP, and Saves the Day – Under the Boards LP (Green out of 300) is in the mail.

Now that I have that out of the way, let me tell you about my playlist choices. We start with a great Chameleons song I found via Harsh Distractions (link to the right). This week is a sort of crash course on all things Robert Pollard. He is the lead singer of Guided by Voices and has a thriving solo career now that GBV broke up. With over 1000 songs to his name, he is quite prolific. Other bands on the mix include XO Skeletons, Electric Wizard, The National, and the Beach Boys. The last two songs are particularly exciting. McCoy Tyner is a fantastic jazz pianist that goes unnoticed in most music circles that I’m a part of. The last song is my new favorite from the Blacklisted LP. It is called “Wish.” Sorry, but this is from the leak, so the mix at the beginning is sloppy. The problem was handled on the LP, which you can order at Deathwish. Happy weekend everyone. Tell me how the Repos, PITF, WN, and others were. Try not to hate on MLIW too much, they’re a good band. Adios!

  1. The Chameleons – The Fan and the Bellows
  2. Robert Pollard – I’m a Strong Lion
  3. The Beach Boys – Here Today
  4. XO Skeletons – Asthmagasm
  5. Electric Wizard – Satanic Rites of Drugula
  6. The National – Fashion Coat
  7. Guided By Voices – Game of Pricks
  8. Robert Pollard – U.S. Mustard Company
  9. McCoy Tyner – Impressions
  10. Blacklisted – Wish
Get it here!

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