Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That's Amore: Boom or Bust?

As I continue to write in this blog, you will all come to learn that I am guilty of watching really bad television. If it wasn’t enough that my first real entry was a review of The Steve Wilkos Show, I am now bringing you a review of the Tila Tequila SPINOFF. That’s right. Prepare yourselves, because I officially reviewing That’s Amore.

I hated Tila Tequila. It was boring, in bad taste, annoying, and soulless. The show had no real purpose except to provide kids with jerkin’ material in the absence of porn. The show had one star, and surprisingly, it wasn’t Tila, but a loveable Italian guy named Domenico. In the true spirit of reality television, he has received his own show. It is called That’s Amore, it's on MTV, and it’s great!

The show has no intellectual value. It is funny, absurd, and a showcase for hotties. In the first two episodes, girls have gone to the hospital and criticized each other non-stop. A gang of blondes teamed up on a slightly eccentric girl for wearing socks and not getting the standard Brazilian wax. One girl breaks down and cries every ten minutes. Domenico makes out whenever he gets a chance and awards Italian flags to girls he decides to keep around for the next episode. Two challenges have involved Italian food, with no end in sight. Mangia!

Domenico is hilarious, though, and he is the reason to watch. He kicked a girl off the show for having smelly armpits. How did he know? He put his nose up to them and took a whiff. That’s Amore is a good way to kill forty minutes (if you have TiVo or DVR).

Verdict: Boom. Compliments The Steve Wilkos Show nicely. If you can watch them back-to-back, by all means, do it. Arrivederce!

PS. Don't miss Domenico's sidekick...a hick cowboy...named Ashley. Not kidding.

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cellularbus said...

As I told you in person, I also find this show fascinating, although this is partially due to how uncomfortable it makes me with it's blatant misogyny, chauvinism, and objectification of women- sepcifically during Episode 3: "Love Hurts," in which the girls must way in before contending in bikini-clad, American-Gladiatior style duels with pillows. I guess I should expect nothing less from MTV. Still, I cannot tear my eyes away...The show is scarily engaging.