Friday, April 18, 2008

30 Minute Weekend Playlist (4/18/08)

I lost my pedometer at Murphy’s yesterday, so this entry is a tribute to that. The Pedometer Challenge rages on without me, but do not worry, it’s still in my mind and heart. I’m counting steps in my head as I walk down the street. Believe that.

Check out the track listing, see what I did? Clever right? The list goes off with a classic Cannonball live cut. I dig what that guy says at the start of his records. Oh, to see him live. Total master. I was listening to that first Against Me! yesterday and taking in how good that thing was. In twenty years, people will still be listening to it. New Wave will be in the trash though! Speaking of songs that stand up with time, “Walking in the Rain” by the Ronettes does. I may be involved in the Pedometer Challenge with 200+ library employees, but I’m still out of step with the world. Hence the closer (and photo).

  1. Cannonball Atterley – Walk Tall (Live)
  2. Kanye West – Jesus Walks
  3. The Dodos - Walking
  4. October Fall – It Was Summer (Baby Steps)
  5. Husker Du – One Step at a Time
  6. Against Me! – Walking is Still Honest
  7. The Ronettes – Walking in the Rain
  8. Shipwreck – Walk in the Woods
  9. Saturday Looks Good To Me – Keep Walking
  10. Minor Threat – Out of Step (With the World)
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