Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Did you hear? Nightmare of You - "Yuengling"

Nightmare of You is a four-piece band from Long Island, New York. They have released nothing but incredible music in their short career, and I hope they continue to make records. Their debut LP (Nightmare of You) ranks among my favorite debuts of all time, and their follow-up EP, Bang, is no sophomore slump. The members have a long history of music greatness having played in bands like The Movielife, Youth of Today, and Judge.

If you’ve heard Nightmare of You before, you can vouch for me when I say that each song is great. Even “Thumbelina” has its moments. The standout song for me is, “I Want to be Buried in your Backyard.” It was the first single from the record. It evokes the sounds of The Smiths, jangly eighties pop, and modern pop-punk.

I do not know the origins of “Yuengling” except that it an early version of “I Want to Be Buried…” The chorus is intact, but the verse has totally different lyrics. Most importantly, there is an instrumental section before the final chorus that is just incredible. The production is more raw. You must get this song. If you haven’t heard Nightmare of You before, they might be the band you’re looking for. Nightmare of You is the catchiest record, perhaps, that I have ever heard.
Who wants to see them in Chicago on May 21 or in Tinley Park on May 22?

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