Friday, April 4, 2008

30 Minute Weekend Playlist (4/4/08)

Happy Friday loyal readers! It’s April, but who could tell judging from the weather? I wouldn’t be shocked if it started snowing sometime this week.

Spring Break is now a memory, and summer is nowhere in sight. The playlist kind of reflects this. I have been listening to a lot of the Talking Heads and Gang of Four. Their mechanical sound is perfect for dreary Spring weather. The new Panic at the Disco record is surprisingly good, and I have book ended the mix with songs from Pretty. Odd. Everyone is saying it sounds like the Beatles, and I agree. However, it sounds nothing like “Two of Us”. Good song either way. Catch you on the flip side!

1. Panic at the Disco – Do You Know What I’m Seeing?
2. The Format – Do You Believe in Magic (Lovin’ Spoonful Cover)
3. Brian Eno – Sky Saw
4. The Talking Heads – Crosseyed and Painless
5. Gang of Four – Natural’s Not in It
6. R.E.M. – Shaking Through
7. The Beatles – Two Of Us
8. Panic at the Disco – Nine in the Afternoon

Get it here!

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