Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Did you hear? Division - Who Died? A Working Title

Sinister Label played a crucial role in my early development from passive music appreciator into music lover/ snob/ consumer.  I had their sticker on my 7-subject binder back in high school.  They put out records by hewhocorrupts, Spitalfield, Tom Sawyer, and the band I'll be talking about today- Division.

Division is best-known for their debut LP, Who Died? A Working Title.  This is because it's a wildly catchy record with harmonies only brothers could make (didn't brothers make the harmonies? I can't remember, guys).  You've had the Beach Boys of Chicagoland punk rock right under your noses and you didn't know it.  Fix that.

By the way, this record has absolutely no fat.  All ten tracks are great.  Notice how the lyricists haven't ruined everything with bad metaphors and hyperbole.  Lyrical simplicity: usually a good thing. 

Get it here!

I was at this show!  By the way, this record was pressed on wax and some of my friends own copies.  Sell them to me now!


Andy said...

Wow, I remember that show. It was the last time Wentz ever came to see us play...

Pat said...

For some reason I don't remember him being there! I do remember when he came to the Extinction reunion, though.

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