Friday, February 19, 2010

Did you hear? A New Found Glory - It's All About the Girls

I write this entry in anticipation of the New Found Glory/ Saves the Day/ Hellogoodbye/ Fireworks show on March 5. The two best bands on the bill (NFG, STD) have put out a lot of records.  Of course I like the new records, but what really gets me going is the old stuff. Remember Lisa's Birthday Tape?

NFG hit their stride early.  Nothing Gold Can Stay (1999) and New Found Glory (2000) are my two favorite records of theirs, and I'm very fond of Sticks and Stones (2002) too.  You gotta remember, I started loving NFG back when I listened to only music of that ilk.  NFG was the best at the style.  Palm-muting, breakdowns, high-pitched vocals, lyrics about girls, Hurley t-shirts, and Drive-Thru Records.

I'm offering the It's All About the Girls e.p. to you because it's important to see how great bands start.  It's a raw and immature record, but there are endearing things about it too. Apparently, samples were big back then, and there are samples galore for just 18 minutes worth of content.  The lead guitar part in "My Solution" is a bunch of fun, and I'd argue that "Standstill" is an awesome song.  They want so bad for it to be heavy, and they get an A for effort.  

Never forget that <2 years later, NFG released Nothing Gold Can Stay. Shows what practice can do.      

Get it here! 

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