Saturday, February 27, 2010

Did you hear? Boiling Over - Barriers

I've been following Boiling Over since their first show, and now two years later they are at their peak.  Incidentally, this peak coincides with their end and last show.  I hate when bands stick around past their welcome.  It's cool to see Boiling Over quit before their inevitable slide into making indie-hardcore with like trumpets and harp and sound bites from obscure documentaries. No way, I don't think those dudes would ever do that.

Tyler (drums) and T.J. (guitar) exist on a transcendent hardcore plane. They share a common brain which has been programmed for hardcore greatness.  Check out this old video of them running through a set, honing their craft.  They intuitively know where each break and fast part will lead because that's what it's like to be part of a power-duo.  What this amounts to on record is tight guitar and drums.  You heard it on songs like "Trash City," and it's back on "Pushed to Death."
I'd argue that Barriers even has a swan-song called "On the Fringe."  You get the fast section at the top with Pat's mean vocals, and then all hell breaks loose when Joey does his thing on bass and the mid-tempo instrumental part kicks in.  Your mosh impulse triggers, and you want to lay waste to this ugly, trashy city. 

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