Sunday, March 28, 2010

Did you hear? Sig Transit Gloria - 2>8>2000

"Why would I listen to Sig Transit Gloria when there's the Get Up Kids?"

When someone asked this on a message board years ago, I actually considered the question.  Sure, 2>8>2000 sounds like Four Minute Mile with synthesizer/ piano, and that sounds like new Get Up Kids, but why not listen to both bands?  Think about your computer's specs.  Unless you're running a relic from the 80s, you have enough memory to hold mp3-files from both the Get Up Kids and STG.  Question answered and problem solved.  Sure, imitation can be a bad thing, but not in this case.  The STG EP is too fun, energetic, and relevant to not warrant your attention.  

You're going to want this record as the weather improves, too.  The bounce in "Hello" and "Don't Come In" will put that spring back in your shoes.  Another quality I like in pop-punk: voice-maxing.  The singer has a high voice, and when he maxes out on the lyric "wanna go home with me?" it really resonates.  There are lyrics about girls on this EP, guys. 

On "Wide Open Window"- my favorite STG song- the raging verse gives way to that delightful synth/ guitar break and then the chorus.  "Wanted to spend the night/ holding you in my/ arms you can't resist/ the warmth of your breath." Yep.

Get it here!

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Manuel Mayhem said...

Thanks for this, just listened to this band's first full length and it's intensely gratifying to listen too.