Thursday, April 1, 2010

Did You Hear? Sea of Treasures

A lot of brainiacs tell me they like jazz because they know I like jazz.  We start talking, and they tell me all about their obsessions with John Coltrane, the 39 Miles records they got on their computer, the near-mint copy of Take Five they found in the bargain racks.  I nod my head and wait for them to leave because they are fucking stupid.  You don't like jazz unless you like Sea of Treasures.  This is the most ferocious and interesting cult-jazz record out there.  The saxophone playing rivals Brick Blackwell's, and several songs boldly predict what jazz will look like in the future (if the right people take it there).  You won't find this at Starbucks, people.  This is jazz for players; this is jazz for the converted.

Get it here!

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