Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cat Plaza #3

Did you follow through on your New Years Resolution to read Ulysses or Infinite Jest?  No?  Sorry about that; what you need is a nice easy read to help you through.  Introducing Cat Plaza #3.  The new issue is 16 pages (because you jokers don't submit work) and costs one dollar.  You can expect all the great things you've come to expect from my zine: top-notch short stories, music reviews, show reviews, opinions, and a report on my brief but life-changing encounter with Tommy Wiseau.  

Cat Plaza #3 is only available in person or by snail mail.  No paypal this time- no one used it and I still sold out of #2s.  If you're dead set on acquiring Cat Plaza by snail mail, you should send me 2 dollars, your address, and a fun note.  Maybe then I'll consider driving to the post office to accommodate you.  Just kidding, I love all my readers near and far.

Summer #1: 30 copies SOLD OUT
Fall #2: 40 copies SOLD OUT (The last copies are gathering dust at Quimby's.)
Spring #3: 50 copies ACT NOW

No reprints ever.

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lmop said...

bring some copies on fireday!