Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Judy Clocks - A Cover Project

Jordan Anderson and I talked about making some music on a cold day in February, and in March,  we convened in his Downers Grove basement to make it happen.  Here is our cover of the classic Slowdive song, "40 Days."  I'm happy with the product.  I'm happy that we strayed from shoegaze conventions and gave it our own spin.  In case you're wondering, the original "40 Days" can be found on Souvlaki, one of my favorite records ever.  

Jordan played ukulele, electric guitar, and percussion.  He sang backup vocals and recorded too.
I played electric guitar and percussion, and I sang the lead.  I don't know how to record music on a computer.

Because I come up with band names so regularly, I asked J. if he wanted to call the project something other than Pat & Jordan or whatever other Joe's Brewery name we could have come up with.  Hence, The Judy Clocks.  Google the term if you want to know where it comes from.

Thanks for listening!