Friday, March 13, 2009

Remembering Mojo Music Part 1

In the next however many posts, I'll be talking about the albums I bought at Mojo Music. Mojo Music was at the intersection of Kingery and 63rd st., and if you lived in Dupage, you might have known about it. I bought a lot of important records there in my high school years, and I'll try to write about them. Mojo closed a couple years back.

I bought Into the Nightside Eclipse by Emperor there, and to this day it's my favorite Emperor record. The first track is really long, but it's one of the only black metal songs I know the words to. Every other metal record with keyboards sound cheesy to me, so I'm surprised this record is so good. I downloaded Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk a few years later and was underwhelmed. "We are the Black Wizards" is awesome, and the vocals in "Gypsy" are hilarious. Long live Emperor.


Todd said...

Based upon yr post, I can't tell if you know that Gypsy is a cover. If you don't listen to Don't Break the Oath regularly, consider starting!

thesunchild said...

I knew it was a cover, but I hadn't listened to Merciful Fate until now. Thanks for reminding me!