Saturday, March 14, 2009

Remembering Mojo Music Part 2

Like any good record store, Mojo was happy to order shit for you if it wasn't in stock. In the days of internet reluctance, this was the perfect way to get cool/ obscure records.

That's not to say Gorgoroth is obscure. You can probably watch them on WGN right now. Still, Pentagram wasn't everywhere in 2003 like it is now. (Was it?) Kinda like with Emperor, I really only listen to this one record. I love the vocals, the mosh parts, everything. This band could play hardcore shows, I think. I remember that after my copy came in, a second copy sat on the shelves probably until the store closed. They also had some weird Gorgoroth bootleg concert vinyl in the back, but I don't like pic discs and who knows how it would have sounded.

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