Saturday, March 14, 2009

Remembering Mojo Music Part 3

Mojo Music had a decent used CD bin. Usually it was full of Kid Rock CDs and really lame early-2000s rap singles, but sometimes you'd find something good. In Freshman year of college, I took an intro. film course and we watched The Harder they Come. I liked the movie a lot, and the songs from the soundtrack were stuck in my head for days. Fortunately, Mojo had a copy in the used CD bin. The price tag is still on it. $7.99.

Be cautious: saying The Harder they Come OST is your favorite reggae CD is just as bad as saying you like Legend the best. Tread lightly. Even if the Maytals's "Sweet and Dandy" makes you want to dance, "Many Rivers to Cross" makes you want to cry, and you write personal statements to "The Harder they Come" you gotta pick a more obscure favorite reggae album. Lie as best you can.

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