Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Remembering Mojo Music Part 7

One of the first and only new pieces of vinyl I bought at Mojo Music was a 2x10'' limited edition version of Wood/Water by your favorite band, The Promise Ring. I hadn't heard it before I bought it, but being a huge fan of Nothing Feels Good and Very Emergency was reason enough to give it a shot. I think I knew that it had a pretty sorry reputation, but I didn't think about it when I put it on the first time. I loved it right away. I think that the Promise Ring took a really surprising and devastating and courageous musical path that was impossible to rally back from. This is another record that I have to defend. "Become One Anything One Time" is as good a meloncholy acoustic jam as I've ever heard. "Suffer Never" is a perfect extension of the sound and vibe on Very Emergency. "Say Goodbye Good" has a children's choir that doesn't fail nearly as bad as when Kanye uses one. The Promise Ring didn't fade away. From my favorite early jam "E. Texas Ave.," to their last hit "Stop Playing Guitar," Milwaukee's best should not be forgotten. Turn them on if you don't believe me.

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